Development Services


Propeller Heads Unite. NIMBL is passionate about technology. Our dedicated Development Services Practice supports our customers in the architecture, design, development, testing, and support of a wide range of SAP development toolsets and platforms. Whether old school code development using ABAP or more cutting edge development within SAP’s HANA Cloud Platform or SAP UX, we have the experience, capabilities and passion for elegant design… and delivery

In the Clouds. As part of their stated objective of 50% Cloud by 2020, SAP is working hard at migrating development and integration towards the sky. Enter HANA Cloud Platform (HCP). HCP provides customers with the ability to develop on a flexible HANA cloud-based foundation as opposed to old-school on-premise. Fiori apps, custom apps, mobile functionality now is at your fingertips leveraging SAP HCP.

How do I Look? NIMBL possesses strong User Experience (UX) capabilities via Design Thinking, SAP Fiori, SAP Personas, and SAPUI5. Our deep expertise in the design, development, and deployment of SAP UX technologies is unparalleled. Need to empower your users with SAP mobile functionality? Our Fiori and SAPUI5 ninjas can transform your SAP business through intuitive Apps. Whether desktop, tablet, or smartphone – run more efficiently via SAP Fiori’s Launchpad and tile format.

Enhancing User Productivity. It should have to take you 35 steps to enter a customer order. And NOW, with SAP Screen Personas, it doesn’t anymore. NIMBL’s experienced UX team works closely with our customers to deliver high-value Personas “flavors” providing access to everything they need and eliminating that which they don’t.

Connecting the Dots. SAP’s HANA Cloud Integration (HCI) platform now allows companies to build interfaces in the cloud. No longer is your SAP tethered to on-premise flat file (yuck!) or PI / PO /XI interfacing requiring expensive infrastructure, resources, and on-going maintenance. Point-to-point integration is now available as a monthly service dramatically lowering your cost and complexity of your integration needs. This is the kind of stuff we love. Don’t worry. We got this.