Business Transformation


A Nail Without A Hammer. SAP is a tool. While a powerful one… it is a software product bottom line. Regardless of its potential – if SAP does not drive tangible business value – it is quite frankly – worthless. NIMBL’s SAP Business Transformation Practice is solely focused on driving real business value to each and every one of our customers. Our experts steeped in Industry, business process, and SAP functional best practice knowledge and experience deliver meaningful business improvements to our customers.

What’s Your Function? NIMBL’s dedicated SAP Functional experts have fine-tuned the art of SAP functional configuration through years of practice and action. That being said, there are multiple ways to configure SAP to meet business process needs. Our consultants work hard to understand our customers’s desired business outcome and then use that information to simplify the configuration for optimal efficiency.

Box of Chocolate. The term “SAP Best Practice” gets thrown around a lot. We are some of the ones who actually know what it means. It is remarkable the number of times NIMBL has been asked to review an existing customer’s configurations.  Remember Forest Gump’s “Box of Chocolates” analogy? It’s always exciting for us to see what’s underneath the hood.  Much of our work comes from SAP functional clean-up that ultimately making our clients’ business processes run much more smoothly.

From Soups to Nuts.  One of our favorite types of engagements is full-life cycle work.  As part of our Business Transformation Services, we begin with first understanding the business objective – including any Industry specific nuances – and then work through a “Fit to Standard” approach.  Partnering with our SAP Project Management Office – we methodically tackle the project focused on well-defined scope and timelines. Moving through testing (See our Testing Practice) and go-live… every project is delivered for business-value. Soup to Nuts. Get it?