Revolutionize the Way Your Business Users Experience SAP.  SAP is changing the way businesses run SAP and NIMBL is leading that charge! Say goodbye to your old, stale and tired set of screens and hello to SAP UX.  Focusing on a fresher, cleaner, and more stream-lined user experience-  the new SAP UX provides your SAP users with easier to understand and easier to navigate functionality focused on driving business value.

Design For Efficiency.  NIMBL’s deep expertise in the design, development, and deployment of SAP UX technologies is unparalleled. Our team is steeped in the art of Design Thinking with a focus on optimizing business efficiency first and foremost. NIMBL’s UX designers, architects and engineers have delivered countless projects resulting in tangible increases in user productivity with impressive reductions in work time costs. Kinda NIMBL no?

SAP Fiori.  Completely transform your SAP transactions via an intuitive App-based approach consistent across delivery medium. Whether desktop, tablet, or smartphone – run more efficiently via SAP Fiori’s Launchpad and tile format. Mobilize your users with light in-the-field Fiori Apps. Have less tech savvy SAP users? Fiori is it.  Need rapid deployment? Time to get NIMBL. Choose from hundreds of standard out-of-the-box SAP Apps or develop your own business-specific custom App, NIMBL’s UX team has the chops and experience to deliver.

SAP Screen Personas.  Why should it take 35 steps to enter a customer order? It shouldn’t. And NOW it doesn’t anymore with SAP Screen Personas. SAP Screen Personas are meant to exponentially simplify user effort and minimize any wasted time for more experienced SAP users. NIMBL’s experienced UX team works closely with our customers to deliver high-value Personas “flavors” providing access to everything they need and eliminating that which they don’t.

SAPUI5.  Want to create a custom mobile App for a business-specific need? Our UX team can and has delivered. Work with NIMBL on leveraging our talent to develop hybrid and native applications able to be run on any mobile device. While mobilizing SAP is nice – technology should be driven by the business and not the reverse. NIMBL understands this.