NIMBL Loves Boring.  Testing is not exciting (for most humans). We don’t really need to twist your arm on this one. However – independent of its lack of sexiness – testing is VERY important. Regardless of how strong one’s development, configuration, etc. is built – lack of proper testing renders all the effort, time, and spend literally worthless. NIMBL excels in ensuring your IT efforts are maximized via comprehensive (and boring) testing services.

Elevate and Delegate.  Your team’s value is better served performing needle-moving activities. Isn’t energy and hours towards strategic activities more valuable than performing mindless, repetitive, testing scripts? NIMBL’s dedicated Testing Practice provides that trusted testing service leveraging proven testing strategy, process, structure, and efficiency. Move your team up the totem pole to value-add activities.

Toolset Experts. While all IT is business-driven, deep and broad expertise across the testing tool world makes for the best testing partner. NIMBL excels in a wide range of toolsets including: HP’s Testing Suite (ALM / QC, Sprinter, UFT / QTP, LoadRunner, & Storm Runner); SAP Solution Manager (Test Workcenter / Workbench, Change Impact Analysis, Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA), and integration using SAP HP QC Adapter, Component Based Test Automation (CBTA), SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization), and Worksoft Certify among others.

TaaS (Testing as a Service).  NIMBL’s SAP Test Management Practice delivers end-to-end services leveraging both on-premise and SaaS testing services.  Think of it as a “Testing as a Service” service. Focused on testing SAP applications, platforms and technologies – NIMBL also supports the testing activities for non-SAP centric landscapes bearing proven testing strategy and tactical delivery to both the Fortune 1000 and Midmarket.

Building Your Testing Roadmap.  Need some “been there done that” testing coaching/leadership? Time to get NIMBL. Our Testing consultants can provide a myriad of services including: Strategy (Testing Center of Excellence Build-out); Setup of Testing Infrastructure, Tools and Assets; Definition and Implementation of Testing End to End Processes; People Skill Development; Governance, Communication and Reporting; and Testing execution (Application Testing, Testing Automation, Performance Testing, Regression, etc.). Yeah… that’s a lot.