NIMBL Participates in SAP Field Sales Kick Off Meeting 2015 in San Diego

NIMBL fully engages in strategic sessions at FKOM, while networking with SAP Sales Executives

Denver, CO (January 22, 2015) – NIMBL participated in SAP FKOM 2015 in San Diego, CA. Over the two days, NIMBL was able to gain insight on SAP’s new products, sales strategy and goals for 2015. This was the first time that NIMBL has had presence at this annual gathering.

At this grand event, NIMBL continued to build on its award winning brand and network with SAP sales executives.

In addition, NIMBL engaged in strategy sessions with other SAP Partners, including strategic analytics partner Decision First Technologies (DFT) and strategic hosting provider Freudenberg-IT (FIT).

To wrap up the event, NIMBL co-hosted a cocktail hour with FIT at Hotel Solamar in the heart of Gaslamp Quarter. The event was a huge success and attracted many FKOM attendees.

“I was overly impressed with the high level of energy in the room,” said Jay Mills, VP of Business Development for NIMBL. “SAP is truly an amazing organization and NIMBL is excited to play a part in reaching the 2015 goals they have set. The relationships we’ve developed this week with the SAP sales team and strategic partners has been, and will continue to be invaluable.”

SAP Field Kick-Off Meeting (SAP FKOM), an annual gathering of SAP executives, SAP field employees and partners held in San Diego Jan. 20-22. It is SAP's largest yearly sales meeting, intended to drive success during the upcoming year. Colleagues across the region gathered in San Diego to gain and exchange updated information on SAP's strategy, sales methodology, best practices, business growth opportunities and product innovations.

About NIMBL:

NIMBL is North America's leading SAP Technologists. Privately-held and nationally-recognized, NIMBL is an award-winning SAP professional services firm focused on high-value high-impact technical consulting. Powered by years of SAP expertise, countless hands-on initiatives, and industry thought-leadership - NIMBL provides bleeding-edge technical SAP consulting services (including SAP Solution Manager, Integration, and TDMS) and cost-effective SAP Application Management Services (Denver-based remote SAP consulting services) to both the mid-market and Fortune 500. Our business model focuses on creative, cost-effective, and nimble delivery providing maximum value to customers eliminating the traditional chains associated with the inflexible institutional Big-4 behemoths. Possessing deep vertical expertise across a wide spectrum of industries - our clients include brand names such as ExxonMobil, Nestle, Cintas, TOMS, Crocs, and PepsiCo. Founded in 2009 and with headquarters in Denver, Colorado, NIMBL has experienced exponential growth since inception and emerged as one of the industry's most highly sought-after SAP stars.

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